There is no need for a mansion or a castle to feel like royalty. You can live in a maisonette and still feel like a king or queen. Maisonettes are the perfect combination of a condo and an apartment. Unlike a two-bedroom apartment, which can feel cramped when it comes to entertaining guests or having every family member get ready at once, a maisonette allows for more room to move about and spread out. The good news is that many different types of maisonette apartments are available for sale in your neighbourhood. If you are looking to purchase one, it can be somewhat confusing what exactly you will get. An appealing aspect of buying a maisonette is the idea that you are getting more for your money. Let’s have a detailed look into this.

What Is a Maisonette?

A maisonette (French for “apartment” or “house”), in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries, is a house that has two storeys with an intermediate mezzanine level.
It is a building divided into multiple floors connected by stairs rather than an elevator. It is similar to a townhouse, except it usually has two separate units, and there is no basement or attic space common to both teams.
The term originated in France, where such dwellings were ordinary. Maisonette intended to distinguish apartments built as tenements (hôtels de maître) above shops or offices (bureaux de maître) behind them on the ground floor of buildings at the rear of urban plots facing streets; many Parisian examples survive today.

What Is a Maisonette house?

A maisonette is a luxury apartment with bedrooms and a living room on one level in real estate. In general, it is a multi-story home where each smaller unit has its kitchen and bathroom. Maisonettes can also include garages and other amenities not found in an average condo or apartment. A maisonette is a top-floor apartment in a two-story house. It can be as small as one bedroom or as big as four bedrooms, with the main difference from other apartments being that you have stairs to go up to your living space. The London property market is highly active, and demand for these homes is strong; maisonettes can fetch upwards of £1 million.

What makes a maisonette different from other housing options?

Maisonettes vs Houses and Flat

The Maisonette is quite big but not as big as a house. You could have a garden and a garage with it. A maisonette differs from home. Its patio is not accessible because it isn’t connected directly to the house. You will have to take a long route behind the maisonette house to get access to the patio.
Meanwhile, when talking about maisonette flats, they also have something in common with Maisonette. Apartments typically consist of several rooms on a single floor, while maisonettes include multiple levels.

Extension Of Maisonette

Extending a maisonette is a growing trend in the UK. With the rise in popularity, it’s essential to get your extension plans right. The last thing you want for your extension is to take away from the value or beauty of your home. You also don’t want it to be an eyesore that stands out like a sore thumb in your neighbourhood. Thus, first of all, you need to plan the extension to make it look like a part of your Maisonette.
Additionally, you can get professional help regarding the planning. Once you have planned to do it, you will require permission. Without permission, you cannot extend the Maisonette. Usually, the area council does not allow you to make changes to the pattern of the Maisonette in the area, but you can ask for it.
You should also seek permission from your freeholder if you are a leaseholder. Otherwise, you may increase the risk of losing money in fines and legal fees. Ideally, it would be best if you discussed your plans with anyone interested in the property before you begin work. There could be several types of extensions, including

Rear Extension
Side Return Extension
Wraparound Extension
You may get an idea from professionals of what type of extension should you get.



Privacy is the foremost priority of an individual. Thus, when we talk about maisonettes, they have the best privacy. A maisonette may not be an easy purchase, but it is the price you pay that enables you to live the most comfortable life.

Private entrance

REFERRING TO THE ENTRANCE OF A MAISONETTE, IT IS personal. There will be no one buying around you on entering the place late or early or making sounds. However, in a flat, you will have a single entrance that will lead you to the elevator to get to your floor.


There is always a space for construction in a maisonette. You can add or extend your reach. However, you can open the Maisonette in the form of a garage or a garden.
Changing a parking lot into a play area isn’t a problem. The property belongs to the entire building, and everyone can use it. However, this isn’t possible in apartment buildings.

Reselling Opportunities

Even though maisonettes are expensive, there are more options than apartments when it comes to resale. You can be guaranteed a high return on your investment. However, you should be aware that your investment will double within a couple of years.


The Maisonette has a vast area, so it has large bedrooms, huge bathrooms, gardens and everything you desire. You can even make modifications and plan things as many places as you to cover, which is undoubtedly impressive.



You may even have your backyard to enjoy if you have a maisonette with a closed front door. In a shared building, however, certain facilities are shared, such as the driveway. In some cases, you might have to share a parking space with another leaseholder or tenant.

Lease difficulty

A mortgage can undoubtedly be obtained when buying a maisonette, but the requirements tend to be sterner than those of a conventional mortgage. Before calculating the loan value, the provider will assess the length of the lease on the Maisonette.


It is also necessary to call out that maisonettes are often leasehold properties. The consequences are that you can be held responsible for ground rent and service charges if you decide to move into one of them. Service charges cover the costs of maintaining sharing facilities, and ground rent are payable to the freeholder.

How to find your perfect Maisonette?

Many aspects come into play when finding the right home to live in. Whether it’s a house or a maisonette, you need to consider the location, the size of the property, and whether there is parking for your car(s).

To wrap up!

The Maisonette provides a comfortable and convenient urban lifestyle. It has become the go-to choice for modern, professional singles who want to feel at home. The Maisonette is set in a prime location that offers easy access to public transport and other amenities such as great shopping and dining. Maisonette provides a unique approach that allows you to both consult and network with other early-stage entrepreneurs. Taking this kind of approach can help you find the right business partners while also helping your existing business grow.

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